Le 49

Photos: Masao Nishikawa

Located on Mount Kamakura, this site boasts a stunning view overlooking Sagami Bay. The clients, a husband-and-wife couple who had been living in a high-rise condominium in downtown Tokyo, fell in love with the location at first sight, taking an instant liking to the view and the lush green surroundings, and decided to move here. The husband is a keen architecture buff who went on architectural tours throughout Europe to see buildings while he was working in the UK, and decided to commission a new residence with an attached workshop for his wife. Accordingly, we decided to create a modern piece of architecture whose every detail would convey a uniquely Japanese aesthetic to the international guests who would visit.

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Photos: Koichi Torimura

The client, who works as a manager of a publishing company, wanted a life surrounded by his favorite books and other objects. He purchased a corner plot in a dense, mature residential area located in an uptown Tokyo neighborhood. As we had to maximize what we could accomplish with this project using the limited budget available, we decided to incorporate the wooden structural frame into the design, and treat the floor, ceiling and walls of the house as a complete, integrated entity - in short, a house where all the furniture and fixtures would already be built into it.

"SBD 25" - Ongoing Project in South Korea

The gallery-like facade of this residence has even attracted the attention of Seongbuk-dong's celebrities. SBD 25 project is due to be completed this spring. (Photos: Apollo)

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Our new Tokyo office in Belgium Square, where the Belgian Embassy is also located, boasts a panoramic view of central Tokyo.
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The name "Apollo" originates from Apollon, god of sun and light in Greco-Roman mythology. The firm was named in 2000 with the hope of pursuing architecture composed of the simple materials of "light" and "shadow", while also aiming to become a luminous presence within the city and society.

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