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Sliding Door House

This house was built for a husband-and-wife couple and their two children. Overlooking a field of sweet potatoes, the quiet and tranquil site lies adjacent to a house occupied by the client's parents. The space that lies between these two houses is used by local residents as a path, and retains a sense of easygoing, neighborly charm. In order to preserve a rich sense of these connections between nature and people, we decided to install a large sliding door in the front of the house.

The open living and dining area was positioned to seem as if it was protruding outwards into the courtyard from the section containing the private spaces of the house. The upper portion consists of a stairwell, while the sliding door on the first floor can be opened and closed. The dining room is continuous with the deck area, creating a connection with the outdoors. In contrast, the living room is set back more deeply, keeping a certain distance from the exterior while also maintaining a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, by allowing light and wind into the interior and maintaining a symbiotic relationship with nature rather than seeking to control it, we managed to create a home that makes minimal use of electronic equipment and appliances, thereby reducing its environmental impact. In configuring the space we considered only what was absolutely necessary, and distributed these features in a way that prioritized simplicity and beauty, without excessive building or manipulation. As a result, the inhabitants become keenly aware of the landscape outside and the changes that occur within it.

Thanks to the large sliding door, the natural landscape that shifts in appearance from day to day and social exchanges with other people become sources of stimulation, enriching daily life with these varied experiences.

Photos: Hiroshi Ueda

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